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School Organizer/Recruiters

The Wayzata Service Unit provides services to the troops in the Wayzata district public schools and private and parochial schools, including Blake, Holy Name, Providence Academy, Redeemer Lutheran School, and St. Bart's.

We have over 1,000 registered girls and over 400 registered adults.

Members of our service unit team are listed below. Keep in mind that we are your resource people!

Position Name
Service Unit Managers

Kris P.

Registrar Kris P.

Nancy D.

Fast Start Coaches

Kris P.

Maureen E.

River Valley Contacts:
         Service Unit Specialist
         Recruitment Specialist
Julie M.
Erin C.

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School Organizer/Recruiters

Position Name
O/R Birchview Pam M.
O/R Blake Kris P.
O/R Gleason Lake Monica K.
O/R Greenwood Kris P.
O/R Holy Name Teresa S.
O/R Kimberly Lane Kris P.
O/R Oakwood Karen B.
O/R Older Girls Kris P.
O/R Plymouth Creek Colette N..
O/R Providence Academy Barbara L.
O/R Redeemer Kris P.
O/R St. Bart's Kris P.
O/R Sunset Hill Michele M.

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Position Name
Service Unit Cookie Manager Kris P.
Service Unit Cookie Manager Karen K.

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Position Name
Adult Delegates (through 12/13) Kris P.
Margaret H.
Sheila R.
Pam W.
Barbara L.
Adult Recognition Coordinator TBD
Community Service Coordinator TBD
Day Camp Directors Nancy D.
Kris P.
Event Coordinator


Family Fundraising Co-Chairs

Kris P.

Girl Delegates Sydney H.
Rachel H.
Charolette L.
Emma L.
Hannah L.
Amelia R.
Monica W.
PR/Media Specialist TBD
Religious Recognition Coordinators Barbara L.
Resource Coordinator Pam M.
Loreen Y.
Troop Mentor Coordinator Kris P.
Webmaster Pam M.
Loreen Y.

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